(QOL) Monolith Echo Highlighting - Rewards + Dangerous Modifiers

I think it would be a very nice system to have something akin to a lootfilter for each character, but specifically for monolith rewards and dangerous affixes on echoes. Being able to have a highlighting system such as, “Critical Hit Avoidance” if your build relies heavily on crits and it being able to nearly brick your build without having to individually eye-up each echo.

Similarly, it would also be nice to be able to see, at a glance, highlighted monolith nodes for rewards you want. Say you have a Very Large echo map. It would be nice to be able to see where all the sceptre rewards are, unique items, unique gloves specifically, or keys, without having to zoom in and identify each one.

Perhaps a simple glow around the echo, like a poison green/danger red glow indicating danger, and a set green/unique orange/soft yellow/exalted purple glow around the loot icons to indicate they have a reward type highlighted (could also be a part of the filter, colour choices for character needs with a small selection of glows built in to choose from.) The point would just be able to easily see your highlighted nodes at a glance when fully zoomed out. To map yourself around dangerous nodes (particularly in high corruption) and towards your desired rewards.

Obviously totally unnecessary, but it would, at a glance, allow you as a player an easier way to decipher what is and isn’t dangerous.