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QoL improvement suggestions

A few things:

  1. When clicking the trader, immediately open the inventories instead of having to click one more time in a needless dialogue.
  2. When clicking any NPC, immediately stop movement so that your ongoing movement doesn’t cancel the NPC interaction.
  3. Make ESC always close open windows as the first option. If none are open, only then show the game menu.
  4. Enable right-click equipping and de-equipping of Idols.
  5. The drag point for items is set to middle of object which is counter-UX where it should better be the top of the object. This makes for a lot of misses when trying to equip items by drag-and-drop (see issue 4). And when missing the idol slot, it auto-drops the idol on the ground instead of putting it back in my inventory.
  6. PLEASE rethink the the skill respeccing model! Make skill points permanently earned and transferable to another skill. It’s quite negative having to re-level the skills. Make it cost gold like the passives.

Thanks for considering.


  1. When hovering over a drop, it would be great to see how many of the pre/affixes I have in my bank. Today I have to pick it up and then put it in the crafting station to see that info.

  2. On PoE trade you can copy an item’s stats to a filter with one click. I’d love to have that function for the loot filter, i.e. having the option of copying an item’s type and stats to a new rule in the active filter. Some of the hybrid stats are hard to find in the filter and this would help.

  3. When filtering in my bank, the contrast is too low, i.e. it’s hard to see the filtered items, it’s all shades of dark. Please improve visibility.


actually all great ideas. #5 is incredibly annoying, feels unintuitive when you’re moving idols around.

6 is a tough one. They dont want players to have infinite access to respecs, and I suppose that makes sense, but the current system is a little too punishing. There is probably a happy middle ground

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This is not a QoL Improvement but rather a design decision.

There are dozens of threads in the forum discussing respeccing and I would suggest reading them and giving feedback there.

The respec system already was made waaaaay less punishing with the last 2 major changes (minimum respec level + the most recent catchup mechanic)

I think respec is in a very good state right now.
Perfect middle ground between punishing but not too punishing.

All your others points are definitely good suggestions,I only don’t see No. 4 happening. Idol puzzling is fun and you are not puzzling around all the time, so the need to manually put them in place is totally fine IMO.


Haha I said the exact same thing, but I think the current system is already a happy middle ground.

We had waaaaaaay more punishing iterations of the skill system in the past.

Idol puzzling is fun and you are not puzzling around all the time, so the need to manually put them in place is totally fine IMO.

Personally I don’t feel that the “puzzling” is very rewarding but a compromise would be to add just the option of de-equipping with a right-click. It would be in line with other inventory functionality. And I didn’t envision auto-arranging the idols, just basic placement.

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Yeah I think unequipping with right click would be fine.

But the equipping part should stay manually.
This way the player needs to have some basic thoughts about the idols.

That is a really good middle ground.