QoL For Empowered Monolith progression after nerfs

I’m completely fine with EHG taking back their statement that this specific bugs would get fixed only in 1.1. However I dont think people who have already pushed 1k+ corruption with those said builds will play a new build again until 1.1.
The current progression to empowered monoliths is a disservice to the replayability of the game and now would be the perfect time to do some sort of QoL alongside the nerfs to help people get to the fun part of the game.
After getting 2 character lvl 100 and 800+ corruption each, theres 0% chance i’d ever play another character with the current state of early monolith progression. Doing it 1 time per cycle might be fun but that’s it.

In case nothing happens, since I’ve already had a lot of fun I guess It’s time for 1.1 waiting room.

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