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Q for hammer throw and void smite

Just wondering how projectile speed from hammer throw affect dps and mechanic for spiral orbit hammer throw. There are nodes that increase and reduce projectile speed and I wonder if it makes the hammers last longer (duration) or expand radius due to speed and how often hammer hits the target. I think reduced projectile speed is a buff (there’s node that increase dmg but reduce projectile speed) because hammers hit the target more often with slow projectile speed. Just not sure if im correct on that because the intentions of that node implied reduced projectile speed isn’t good.

2nd question about void smite - is there a REAL reason to use void smite in hammerdin build? I know heals from smite is useless since it’s not in range, but void smite just for slows? The reason I’m asking is because it’s easier to focus on one type of damage and by converting to void, smite loses a bit of dmg from nodes that boost fire and physical damage.

Since you can’t change the duration of the hammers, I’d expect that slower hammers would not spiral as far therefore reducing the area they cover. Increasing the speed would conversely increase the AoE.

Whether converting Smite to void is a good idea or not depends on whether you’re a Paladin or not. The skill itself has no % phys/fire nodes but both the Temporal Corruption and Void Bolts passives add more flat damage which is good if you’re a Void Knight.

maybe less radius but hitting the target with slower projectile speed more often. Not sure why it’s a “tradeoff” in the node.

Well, the guide I see rated as S tier has smite converted to void and stack void % and flat spell void damage on sceptre as well as points into void while being a hammerdin.