Q about "increased cast speed" on Julra's Obsession

I’m using a flame wraith build and finally landed “Shade’s” (27%) on the gauntlets.

When I look at the Minion stats tab, the “Increased Minion Cast Speed” stays at 56% with and without the gauntlets?

Am I missing something? Is this some bug? I saw references to a previous bug where cast speed on Julra’s was OP but I seem to be having the opposite experience…

Thanks in advance for any insights!

Maybe its just the character sheet being unreliable (as often)
Do you see your wraiths casting faster ?

@PvtVlad - thanks! I was wonder about the character sheet too… I only have one toon and item. The minion sheet seems to update everything else properly.

I was eyeballing (is there a meter of some sort somewhere?) and can’t really tell if they’re going faster :(.

Julra’s Obssesion is a tricky example for this kind of stat.

Technically this does not give “minion cast speed”. So you will not see it on your character sheet.

All the stats on the gloves are simply inherented by all your minions, so they get “%inc cast speed”, which is not detailed anywhere.

This is very simialr to how forged weapons and manifest armour inherents bonuses from items.

All these “minions” simply get those stats for themseves, but its not you (the player) who gives them minion ralted stats.

Another example to make this more clear. (or probably confuse you :P) If you have something like “%inc minion health” on your Julra’s Obession, your minions will benefit from this, because your character will get an %inc to all its minion health.
But this stat inherented by your minions will NOT give them anything (unless they have minions themselves. Now your minion minion’s will have additional health, because all your minions have this “%inc minion health” as a stat as well.

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This begs the question of what are minion “minions” like the volatile zombie worms…are they minions minions? If so I could see this being a strat again to generate ward?

The best example of Minions Miniosn that I can name out of the top of my head is the Baby Scorpions from Summon Scorpion Companion

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I think this is intended so there’s no double-dipping of bonuses. If you had increased minion damage on the gloves, then the minions would get it once, and then again for the inherited function of the gloves.