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Pyre Golem Fire Aura range doesnt match visual

Using Pyre Golem, Tower of Bones maxed and World Pyre maxed.
The Fire Aura ring around my golem is quite large due to him being larger(Tower of Bones) and the World Pyre trait extending the Fire Aura range.

The problem is the visual ring does not match the damage ring, which is much shorter. Perhaps,

Miss -
Miss -
Hit -

Tower of Bones is falsely making the ring large visually but not actually?
If so I would definitely use a different build. I was purposely trying to make the aura huge.

Thank you.

Did you resummon the golem after putting points in the AoE node? Minion’s stats are snapshot on summoning so it could be that the damage radius is unchanged until you resummon it.

Yes, I did. The size of the golem and the ring size won’t change till after re-summon also.