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Pyre Golem Feedback (visuals and sound)

Greetings Dev Team,
I tried out the Pyre Golem yesterday. While I´m liking it, I have to say that I feel that the graphics of it are quite a bit too bright. It hurts the eyes when you play longer. In addition to that, it is super annoying that the golem recasts its fire aura repeatedly (The sound of the golem casting the aura is especially annoying while you are in town). If you have specced the node, the golem should have to cast it just once or it should be on by default. Furthermore I feel that the movement speed could be a bit higher by default. I feel that the beasts of the Primalist are faster by default (of course it´s possible that that´s a misconception).
Furthermore, I share the criticism of the PST UI voiced by other players. The trees or more precisely the nodes should be much bigger. I see no reason why the trees can´t fill the whole screen when opened.

Keep up the good work! Loving the game so far!

Thanks for the feedback!

Please do try to post feedback on different topics in different threads in future, though. :slight_smile:

Will do, thank you.

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Appreciate it!

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