Pyre Golem bug

I’m consistently running into a bug with the Pyre Golem. When using the teleport from the summon skele mages the Golem becomes disconnected from his fire aura. The flame and aura are still present in the game but the Golem body starts swinging wildly around the outside edge of the aura. It is solved by re summoning the golem but while it’s cool to have a wildly break dancing golem on the screen I’m pretty sure it’s not intended and I also don’t know if he can actually attack anything inside the aura when disconnected.

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I have had this issue as well.

When I teleport with Grave Passage and a Pyre Golem summoned specifically when the Golem is in combat in the middle of an animation, the Golem’s model will swing around all over the place. The Inferno Aura will still be moving around normally, I what I assume is the Golem’s actual position. The Golem will still do its normal combat animations, except it will be breakdancing in a wall or floating somewhere else.

Can be duplicated. Allocate Pyre Golem. Allocate Grave Passage and Death’s Calvary. Summon Pyre Golem. Enter combat and wait for Golem to begin attacking an enemy. Press Summon Skeletal Mage to teleport, and the Pyre Golem will go flying


Is there a specific zone you’re seeing this happen in or has it shown to be consistent in every zone you’ve attempted it in? I’m not seeing this happen internally.

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From my memory, it has been consistent since I got both Mages and Pyre Golems. Specifically, I just tested it in The Wengari Fortress and was able to recreate the bug several times. It sometimes takes a couple of tries to get it to stick, but I always seem to get it pretty quickly

it’s happened multiple times in every zone I’ve been in. It only happens if the golem is part of the 9 minions that teleport with you, it seems to pull the fire aura with you but leave behind the character model of the golem or the reverse of that there’s so much going on with all the minions on screen it’s hard to tell. The golem tries to reconnect with the flame in the center of the aura but can’t enter the circle around the aura and just ends up dancing around the edge, flying off into nowhere or performing attacks way away from battles.

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If you have any sort of video example or your Player.log from that play session it could help us locate this issue internally.

Player.log (288.8 KB)

Here is my log directly after playing and encountering the bug several times.

I encounter this bug every Echo on accident. When the Golem is in combat (specifically in an attack animation, it seems) and I teleport, the bug occurs. Re-summoning the Golem fixes the issue.

If you need any additional information let me know and I will do my best to help.

I’ll take a look into this, thanks for the additional info.

Hi, I am having the same problem, no matter the zone. Im my case the golem also circles around near the border of the screen.

In the picture, I am hovering over the glowie thing in the middle but my golem down to the left is highlighted. So there seems to be a mismatch between where the golem actually is and where it is shown. I cannot target the golem itself down to the left where it is shown.

Here’s my player.log:
Player.log (2.5 MB)

I have a recording if needed, I can send a link via forum messages.

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