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Putrid Wraith build using Aberrant call

In case anyone likes trying to use uniques (aberrant call) and skills / interactions (putrid wraith idols) no one else is using.

I find this build relaxing and satisfying to play, even though I haven’t tested it too much, and don’t think it will be powerful for end game. Here’s how it might look:

Basically, you just spam wandering spirits for poison, ward and mana, while casting stationary putrid wraiths ahead of you. With your high cast speeds, you get 13 wraiths out really fast, and they output high poison + a bit of bleed DPS over long distances. So it is very forgiving if you want to play safe, or speed run, or if you are spending very little time on crafting or gear like me.

Your dead wraiths will summon zombies for more poison and ward, all your mana spending creates ward, and your transplant will give you more mana and mobility if needed.

I like the idea of AOE using lots of poison darts flying everywhere from 13 wraiths and a few wandering spirits, but AOE is the main weakness of the build.
Bossing is quite satisfying, with dread shade buffed wraiths doing great single target damage.

Best of all, the poison darts are very pleasing on the eye, especially as most other builds are painful with screen clutter. Realistically, it is mostly a potential build if warlock offers the right synergies later on.

I really like the idea and concept, and I just think you could inprouve it even more with aura of decay instead of spirit to continue in the synergie with poison and poison minion chance

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This is indeed an improvement in a lot of cases.
A very brief test with my current gear (using the minion buff part of aura of decay) showed a conditional trade of about 40K max poison damage vs 1.3K max ward and less mana generation.
Hence, I’d say the aura of decay will be better if you are grouping your putrid wraiths together, so you can fit them in the aura of decay’s small area.
Alternately, the wandering spirits are better if you need the mana regen, want to be tankier or are casting your wraiths a long way away from you and spreading them out. As an aside, I’ve got a high frailty chance on gear, so the wandering spirits are giving reliable 3 stacks of frailty on every rare and boss, which suits me who gets distracted by a shiny pile of 3 gold rather than dodging a oneshot :frowning:


ha that making sense, I will also givit a try as I never consider spirit as a regen mana…I go test that^^

Hi Grimlock, how do you get your dead wraiths to summon zombies? Pretty new here sorry if this is common knowledge.

The Awakening Presence node in Zombies gives a 30% chance to summon a Zombis on minion death.

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