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Purify Smite Paladin - 0.8.3d

First, I would like to start with the name Purify Paladin. Besides sounding cool, I chose it because the lightning smites animation always reminds me of the Starcraft 2 purifiers, so I went with it.

Edit: Here is build planner for it.

Link to Video:

I would consider this build extremely new player-friendly as it is extremely straightforward. You use a scepter for damage and shield/heavy armor for survivability. Sentinel in itself has a ton of defensive abilities and the Paladin tree recently got a pretty big boost toward 1handed/shield carrying casters.

As the title suggests, your main(only) offensive weapon is Smite. More specifically, lightning base smite. Smite has always had a very solid single target damage, but now with the extra lightning and adaptive spell damage support, it is even better. With this update, both Lunge and Javelin can cast smite for you. You can see a more detailed explanation of the skills and how they work together in my video on the build. With the new additions to the paladin tree, 1h Sceptre can now push 121 adaptive spell damage putting it on par with 2h staffs.

Here are screenshots of the skills as they relate to offense:

The defense is pretty straightforward as well. You simply take advantage of all of the defensive options that Sentinel inherently has. Health, resistances, armor, and more were very easy for me to max giving plenty of room to add to the offense. Even with mediocre gear, I had maxed resistances and crit avoidance while pushing 1600hp. Near completion, according to the building planner, you could easily push 3500hp. Sentinel-class armor pieces are also heavy on armor, so that and carrying a shield is a big advantage. (Sadly, the gear planner is out of commission as of writing this guide, so I will have to go back and add a link when it is available).

Here are screenshots of the defensive stats with placeholder gear:


In a monolith, you will pretty much run straight through everything all the way to the empowered monolith, which for me is a sign the build is solid. This is not the fastest build out there, but due to Lunge generating Smite and being viable now, I would say it has a normal/average clearing speed and a very easy time doing it. I was pushing 150 Corruption with close to no issues in sight when it comes to surviving or clearing.

As with my previous build, I have not pushed too deep into the arena, but simply due to the high damage and survivability, 200 arenas should be easy peasy. In my video I used a low lvl arena as I was in a rush to complete it, It was mainly there to show how the build plays but I think this build can push quite far. The new skill Javelin is a very good way to bottleneck arena waves into your Smite that does a ton of damage.

Again, please check out the video and drop a like if you enjoyed it.

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