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Pure speed? (noob question)

Hey fellas, im kinda New to the game started with a sentinel, and I like the style of em.

Was wondering if anyone tried out a on hit build with rive as enabler? was thinking about going double slash (skip 3rd hit entirely). then use the notes for 1st and 2nd hit (speed and ignite) and the go for stuff like divine bolt and such.

Does LE have break points for hit/sec?

Is there enough support for ignite builds?

Last question(just started this week, so got slot to learn :wink: ) does divine bolt target enemies? Or shit out at random and what if i upgrade the amount of Them, with the follow up passive?


Yup, though the main thing you want is the Eye of Reen unique sword (it’s a katana, can be gambled at lvl 40 if you gamble for Katanas).

I believe they are randomly targetted at mobs, and I think they get fired out in an arc, so good for packs, less so for widely-spaced mobs.