Pure bleed/bow marksman questions

Hi, I’m creating a build for a bleeding bow and I have a few questions:

  1. Does Dex have any effect on dps here?
  2. What is the relationship between the dps of used skills displayed in the tooltips and the damage dealt with bleeding (with a chance above 100 percent)?
  3. Why do my shots crits when the chance for bleeding is above 100 percent (the description says, that bleed doesn’t give critical damage)?
  4. Why are there no statistics listed in the character tab, such as bleed on bow hit? Are they included (if so, in what relationship) in the bleed chance value?
  5. Is there any detailed formula for bleed dmg?

physical dmg will scale your bleed or all dmg. chance above 100% just increases bleed stack. So 200% is two bleed stacks. The bleed on bow hit types dont get included, but you should get so few you can just manually add together.
All does have a base dmg, take off gear to see it. Your % phys and all dmg increases it aswell as phys penetration/res shred and dot duration/dmg. No need for a forumula.

None of that matters anyway, because you will be dead before you can stack enough stacks.

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Thank you for your replies. However, they did not clarify my doubts. Despite your advice, I will stick to my choice. Have fun playing.

  1. Yes. Dexterity adds % increased damage to Marksman attacks, and % increased damage transfers to bleeds.

  2. Going over 100% chance just gives you a chance to apply more than one stack. Tooltips are… mostly wrong as far as ailments are concerned, but at least they’re consistently wrong so the proportion of any changes should be mostly accurate.

  3. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  4. The “other” tab on the character calculates your current global bleed chance. Barbed Arrows (or any other “on bow hit”) is not global bleed chance, it really does mean bow hits only and wouldn’t apply to Blade Shield Shuriken or anything else you happen to be using. As for why any random stat doesn’t appear there… well, there’s nowhere near enough space for all of them! Maybe some day we can have a scrolling list of all stats that we actually have and none of the ones we don’t.

  5. Each bleed stack deals a base of 17.7 physical DPS for 3 seconds (total: 53 base damage). Multiply by number of stacks, your % increased damage, any % more damage that isn’t specifically for hits, and physical penetration. % increased duration increases duration (and total damage) without touching the DPS.

Most of this is listed in the game guide (or online at lastepochtools).