Puncture's Penumbral Ambush + Stay of Execution

Mirages are vanished when both abilities are specced.

Having the same problem. Mirages don’t show up, but I’m still deducted the mana cost.

Having the same problem. Mirages don’t show up, but I’m still deducted the mana cost.

I just copy the message above to not let the topic close. But i havethe same issue too.

Same Issue

Thanks for the report! We’ll take a look. :]

Confirming this issue still exists.

Same, would also like to add that with a bow you can only charge attack but with melee you can charge and single click attack. If you single click with bow she just starts an attack animation then stops. have to hold for at least about half a second or so and release or wait the full time for auto release.

The wording is kind of misleading on the skill. “deal more damage per second charged” “After 1 second releases automatically” So if it can never be charged beyond 1 second the first line is misleading.

This issue will be fixed in a future update. Thanks for the reports!

Channelled skills have a minimum channel time.

Is there a list of reported bugs and not working ones, I nearly made a new thread, good thing I noticed there is already one on this.

Only the contents of this part of the forum. The devs have their own internal bug tracker but I doubt they’d share that with us.

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I see, thank you for replying.

its still not working after 4 months, I dont think this is something for the regular pipeline.

I mean, could there not at least be a comment in the ingame description that those two things dont work together? This could be done like within a day of reporting, or am I wrong?

Such mechanical dysfunctionalities are really really annoying.

Never played it but I heard Wolcen isn’t doing so well because of those…

Just encountered this bug myself, took stay of execution first and then penumbral ambush. No mirages. So far it’s the only bug I’ve noticed in my 10 hours. Not too bad!

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