Puncture "Mutilate" node


I was testing some ideas around the puncture tree and went with the “mutilate” node.

It states that “Greater Puncture” consume all stacks of bleed, deal the bleed damage instantly and restore health per stack.

However, during my testing I didn’t saw any health regen or bleeding damage dealt instantly despite generating a lot of them via the bleeding fury buff.

Am I doing something wrong or is it bugged?

It doesn’t give health regen it “just” makes the third hit consume all the stacks on the target & deals all of their damage instantly (instead of over the remaining duration), then heals you for 5-15 hp per stack of bleed thus consumed.

As far as I can tell it’s working since if I “prep” the dummy with lots of bleed from Flurry then hit it with the greater puncture there’s not bleed damage dealt afterwards. The additional damage isn’t clear, but it’s certainly consuming all the bleed stacks.

After further testing it indeed consume all the bleed stacks instantly, but doesn’t seem to restore health per stack consumed.

I was testing it for the health per stack originally and assumed it didn’t consume the stacks properly.

It looks like the node is bugged and not restoring health. This has now been fixed internally and the fix will be included in 0.8.2d (or possibly 0.8.2e depending on timing).


Nice, thank you :smiley: !

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