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Puncture / Mutilate - damage tag question

Insted of applying bleed, the greater Puncture consumes all stack on the target, casung them to deal damage immediately and restores health per stack consumed.

Only on the forum I found out that greater Puncture is every third puncture. There are no other mentions anywhere in the skill tree. It would probably be better to change the description of Mutilate, or add the term “greater Puncture” to Cadence of Death

I have a question. Do passive skills from the skill tree and/or character tree affect this damage? Or maybe this damage is considered added?

From memory all that node does is make the bleed do any remaining damage immediately rather than over the remaining duration. It is still considered DoT damage.

Hello EnuwEpoch,

The node which grants the greater puncture - “Cadence of Death” states “Every third puncture deals more damage (multiplicative with other modifiers) and in a larger area” when you hover over it. This is the greater puncture in question, which the following reliant node “mutilate” also causes it to consume all bleed stacks and deal damage instantly.

The bleed damage does not double dip. All of your stats were applied to the initial bleed damage when it was first applied. It takes the stacks of bleed, adds up all the damage and deals it “instantly”, basically making the bleeds run through their timer in an instant. Like how Taste of Blood causes bleeds to speed up, this node does the same, just speeds up all stacks to an ‘instant’, they still remain the original bleeds that were applied.


Yes, but it’s not ideal that the terminology used to refer to the empowered/whatever Puncture differs between the two nodes.

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Yes, sorry, I agree, It could use being clarified. My intent was more to provide the clarification here. I should have clarified in my post that we would most certainly be taking the feedback to improve upon verbiage. Thank you Llama8!

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