PUNCTURE(bow skill)

Im a big fan of channeled bow skills, i build so many characters in PoE based on Scourge Arrow. And here it would be nice to “improve” Puncture skill in LE.

Generally skill is great but, best options of channeling are stages with a little “effect improvement” , damage is scaled per second so even few sparkles would be great, you can add sound effect at full stages, just check path of exile Scourge Arrow skill.

Next remove(or add option to block it) auto shot at max stacks, just limit damage gathering time to 3s. There are problems with targeting, you must watch ranger hands, instead focus on enemies and incoming damage, sometimes you need to w8 for perfect moment to shot and arrows are shoting in wrong time, or you shot one powerfull stacked arrow, and another 0,2s later, after this you losing jade and dark arrow stacks, and time needed to dodge.

If possible, “multi shoot” branch could be great, to instead stacking damage stack arrow numbers. More future think, and i never saw it in any other game. It could be somethink like “soul arrows”, auto-targeted aagainst enemies, r simply multi-shot arrows.

I have also felt these problems. I only do auto release when I know I am going to be doing more than one shot. Otherwise I am in the habit of releasing early so I don’t accidentally do the quick shot. Visual and audio indicators with full pull without the auto release would be preferable.

Also I’d really like if the shot followed my cursor while charging instead of being locked in the direction of when I started to charge up.

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