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Public Roardmap

Hello team,

Have you considered publishing a roadmap with the more major thongs that we can expect during the course of the Beta, something what Wolcen’s team is doing?

It would be quite convenient for the player to have an idea what they can expect and more importantly, when. Many people open their schedule when new league or major patch releases for their favourite games.

Thanks in advance!

What do you consider as priorities and what improvements should we expect in next few patches

We will be releasing something that should help answer this question very well. Broadly, the things you should be able to expect in upcoming patches are stuff that we put in almost every patch.

From discord.

Thanks, it would be really grate if we have a roadmap for the year with dates updated ahead of release.

Hey guys, we hear this request loud and clear. We’ll see what we can do :slight_smile:


The key question is, what has Wolcen’s roadmap succeeded in doing for them and the community? Mostly disappointment from what I saw.

So true. An entire beta road map that got completed and then no beta for 6 months anyway. And the second beta roadmap had a bunch of stuff that supposedly needed to be done for beta to come out, but then weren’t in the beta anyway.

I didn’t say Exactly what Wolcen team is doing. This is another topic and I don’t see a point in discussing it here.

I work in I.T. our internal Roadmaps have two categories Planned and Committed. Stuff that is under Planned can go away in any moment or the release dates can change. Stuff that is Committed is set for specific release.

One of the main reason that Wolcen’s roadmap brought such disappointment is because they included everything in the in it. We don’t need to know when there are plans to add new songs to the soundtrack, we even don’t need to know what will be included in the patch, the point is to know that we can know that in 2 month we can expect a major release patch on 04.7.2019 for example so we know in advance.

Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

I don’t mean to put your idea down - you might be interested to know I was the strongest proponent for a public roadmap in alpha. It’s just that after seeing what others have achieved having a comprehensive roadmap; and here EHG who is uncomfortable with a public roadmap and the expectations it set, but has now pushed out a beta that is widely praised. I’m inclined to just let EHG do their thing and trust that they will deliver.


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