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Public/Private API's for Community Tool Devs?

I just want to burn my time doing some things related to LE. googling didnt give any results.

edit: I only know this exists, I dont know the rest.

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Welcome to the forums…

Mike W (senior dev) has said that this kind of thing is possible but not planned before 1.0 release and he is not sure exactly what will be available yet.

logically when the game has moved to server authoritative mode for online play with most data in the cloud, I would expect it to be easier to look into providing APIs.

up to the devs…

edit: that ladder is corrupted due to less than honest players so i would ignore it.

Thank you for the info. As you said, with 1.0 there might be Trade API’s, Stash Tab API’s etc. Future or developers will tell I guess.

I was planning to do something like “” leaderboard, what skill top arena players were using etc, but yeah it is corrupted too. eh. I will wait 0.9 lol

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