Prye Golem - Infernal Aura - Is it counting as a Minion Dmg over time spell?

Hey Traveler’s!
I love the Pyre Golem and the sacrifice skeleton and mages node. I made a build for it and utilized the new zombie rings, Cycle of Putrescense (Cycle of Putrescence - Unique Ivory Ring - Ring - Last Epoch Item Database), to beef up my zombies, automate their summoning, and I was sure that the +1 to damage over time minion skills would apply to Pyre Golem as well.

To get the +1 to zombie skill, you select the Puking node. I thought the same would happen when Infernal Aura is selected for Pyre Golem, but it does not. It could be that this is intended, however I wanted to suggest that to be changed if that is the case.

To go further, it makes me wonder if the Infernal Aura skill from Pyre Golem is even counting as a minion damage over time spell? The dmg is pretty weak for Empowered and end game even with a big juicy sacrifice of skeletons and as much +minion spell flat as possible.

Infernal Aura: Infernal Aura - Last Epoch Skills

I made a video on the build if you are interested to check it out for more context.

Any thoughts or experiences you have with scaling infernal aura with Pyre Golem would be great!

Ps, Dragonflame Edict (Dragonflame Edict - Unique Dragon Staff - Two-Handed Staff - Last Epoch Item Database) could use a rework to make it entirely minion focused, with the dragonflame cast on minion spell use being tagged as a minion spell to better synergize with the staff. But its likely intended to be a shared dmg staff to complement all the shared dmg between player and minion fire dmg stats.

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Infernal Aura has no DoT tag so no it’s not. It’s a spell cast by a minion so minion modifiers should work with it and it hits so leech can be applied as well.

Yes, good point. I will have to test if miniom damage over time is working to scale it. But I wonder why it has no DOT tag.

I’ve actually been toying around with a build the last few days using Pyre Golems and Infernal Aura and noticed this. I dropped a 3 LP Dragonflame so wanted to come up with something to do with it. I just filed a Feedback/Suggestion saying it should have the DoT Minion tag added with this node. I combed through LE Tools and as best as I can tell literally the only DoT minion tag for Acolytes is that node in Volatile Zombies so adding it to Infernal Aura I think wouldn’t be that game busting. :man_shrugging: