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(Prospective Player) Question About Builds and Troubleshooting

Current players,

How would you describe the usefulness of the information you get in game to help you craft your builds? By this I mean two things:

  1. How often do you need to tab over to a wiki/forum to figure out some mechanic or interaction?
  2. How easy is it to figure out what is/isn’t working? For example, when you die, do you know what killed you? Is it easy to figure out why it killed you (e.g. “it did a big AOE poison attack that reduced my poison resistance, so it actually did more damage than a normal poison attack would!”)? Can you figure out your DPS easily and figure out what about your offensive plan is/isn’t working out?

I’m particularly curious because the ARPG I’ve played most is Grim Dawn, and while I like it a lot, it is basically impossible to troubleshoot in any way. The game gives you essentially no information about what is happening in combat or why.

Bonus question: How easy is it to respec and/or try different builds? (Both in terms of how much of your overall build can be respecced, and in terms of how long it takes to farm whatever resources you need to respec and build out your new setup.) I feel like I remember hearing at one point that this game had experience points on skills or something like that, and you’d have to re-level up your skills if you wanted to try a different skills? Is that true?

  1. I find all or almost all the information I need in the game. Sometimes I need more info from outside to confirm specific interactions, but it’s relatively rare.

  2. What kills you is an almost useless information. Imagine a mobs hitting you and removing 99% of your life, then another mob killing you for the remaining 1%. Knowing this last mob would not be a relevant information. It would be better to see the last ten hits or damage you received, for example. Currently, we know what monster killed us with what kind of attack.

  3. There is a DPS tooltip for each skill and it’s mainly accurate, but sometimes it can’t really give all information because the skill has penetration or shred possibilities for example.

  4. Extremely easy to respec. You can’t change your Mastery, but all other elements can be respec. It costs fery few money for passive points and no money for skill points. Passives must be removed one by one, which can be a bit boring, but it remains rather quick. When you remove skill points you lose them but you can regain them quicker. And when you despec a skill and spec another you receive an amount of points depending on your level, then the skill gains point faster till the normal level.

The Game Guide in LE is amazing. Some small things still missing, but generally it’s the best in game source of informations across multiple similar games.

I think the game guide should be emphasized as a source of information more often, especially early on.

Basically you can add a "For more detailed informations, visit the Game Guide [PRESS G]

LE deals very well with screen clutter currently. And usually I do know what killed me.

But the “Death Recap” is useless most of the time, unless a big telegraph, that took away a big chunk of your health and killed you.

So a “last 5-10 incoming hits” would help the death recap to become even more useful.

They could take this a step further and do a death recap similar to some MOBA’s, where you can see the last sources of incoming damage, damage types and even received CC.

Respecting in LE is super easy in LE and you can basically do it on-the-fly in all level ranges IMO.
This system used to be way more punishing, which I still liked very much.

This is one of the hottest topics that is discussed here in the forums.
Alot of people feel like experimenting is punishing, which I to this day can’t see or agree on.

Of course you should not respect every single skill all at once, but usually you don’t need max level skills(for your current level) to successfully go smoothly through the story.

The 2 major points that are relatively new are the minimum respec levels and they changed the exp curve for skills in a way that gaining skill levels while playing through the story takes longer, but resetting a skill and regaining experience is waaaaaay quicker.

@Heavy @Shtrak , thank you both. I did end up buying the game, so we’ll see what happens!


Nice, glad to hear.

If you have any questions, never hold back and just ask in the forum here.

Plenty of people are willing to help and answer all 'em questions.

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