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Proposition for new chars and monolith timelines

Some players have requested an open access to all timelines for new characters, after the first one. Currently, these chars can only access the first timeline.

I suggest a trial. For all characters after the first one, the first timeline will be open as it is now. The other timelines will be open if the character can do an echo. One per timeline.

So, I do the campaign with a new char, I talk to Agony and I go to the Monolith. There, I think I can face the Emperor, so I go to Reign of Dragons and I have a Trial Echo. If I win it, I can access the timeline. If I can’t, I can try again.

What do you think?

It seems that nobody is interested.
So, what makes you think it’s a bad idea?

Dont think its a bad idea specifically… just that i dont think its needed…

I’d much rather have something to bypass the campaign and go straight to the first Monolith and proceed as it is now…

I personally have no problem doing monos in the current way… I dont feel the need to have a shortcut to get to higher monos - never even considered needing it actually…

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That’s something I’ve seen multiple times. People asking for a way to share monolith progression between characters.
I personaly level my chars with the campaign, so when it’s over, they are able to do the first timeline, maybe one after (62 or 66), but probably no more. I don’t feel a need to access timelines 90 right after the campaign.
But for people who chose to level with Arena, it may be different, I can understand.

Suppose there is always someone that needs something… I like that the monos are a progression for leveling 60-90ish and giving access (even via your suggested “trial gate”) would ruin that…

May as well make all monos open and parallel & scale based on character level then - and just have the corruption as a way to make them harder for your level…

Personally the only thing I would like in Monos right now is shared corruption in empowered monoliths - i…e if I have 200 corruption in one mono, then I would like this same corruption to be in place across all monos for a single character and any changes in corruption apply to all… (not for normal monos, just empowered ones)… with maybe a reset option that clears all corruption for everything if you wanted to (or overspecd it)… but thats probably a high end game top tier kind of request that probably wouldnt be for 90% of the player base…

I would like this. I would also like it if the catch up mechanic was account wide, that way I wouldn’t have to grind trivial content while playing alts that may already be geared well enough to do high corruption.