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Proposal to change Static

Looking at the low efficiency of this skill for direct damage and the complete prevalence of the Overload node over everything else, I had an idea why not combine this mechanic into the main skill.

That is, I propose that the Static skill, when activated, consumes existing Charges, and deals damage once per second.

For example, having 100 Charges in the database, we spend 50 Charges per hit. That is, for activation, we inflict 2 hits and have 4 seconds of cooldown.
Taking Overcharges, we can achieve 4 hits from 4 seconds of skill work.

The point of my proposal is to combine a popular knot into an ineffective skill.

Its been a while since I last tested Static but I remember it had terrible added damage scaling then. Checking now its at 325% which with its built in multiplier for charges means it should discharge pretty high now. The prevalence of overload is 2 reasons.

  1. Its easy and passive. This is never going to lose its extreme utility.
  2. The added damage scaling was awful for a very long time and the discharge was thus useless. The metamancers and build makers are old hats and remember that time clearly. Plus they never really communicated that they did boost its added damage scaling.

A static build that uses the discharge might work now but honestly I don’t care enough to go test it. I’m in the middle of a semi break from the game so its fresher for the big update on the 10th. Also there is a good chance the build will be another disappointment like the last time I tested it.