Prophecy Items and Zone Levels

I’m curious if the zone level dictates what Items have a chance of dropping. Main reason for this question is I don’t want to waste time doing prophecy’s in zones used for quest if they will not drop items that are restricted to a level higher than the zone. I have done a few of the siege golem ones and have always gotten low level items.

There is a lens you can get that restricts prophecies from being in the campaign. I think this should be default though, already seen one person not able to do a quest because he skipped that part of the campaign and had no waypoints to do it.

I’m already using two lens to block and Arena and Dungeons. Long way to unlock the third lens.

i would like to resurrect this topic as im interested in this as well. Lets say im lvl 58 and im hunting for Exsanguinous, and i have prophecy to drop unique armor from Liath, will running her: 1) drop item higher level than zone; 2) drop item higher level than I am

Any intel on this yet?

As far as I know an item can’t drop in a zone lower than it’s equip level.
So if you’re after a specific item, don’t complete a Prophecy in a zone lower than its equip level.