Prophecy fulfilled, but no drop

I’ve got (3) prophecies going right now, 2 of which I’m trying to collect on in Soulfire Dungeon level 3. The first one was for (4) unique wands - (6) rare enemies killed, got it to proc 3 times so far. The other one is for (4) unique armors w/8 Weaver points, requiring (9) Amber Elemental kills. I got the notification that I did that, and verified it on my Prophecies page. But the armor never showed up.

Is this a common problem? If not, could it be an issue trying to collect multiple prophecies in the same area?

Were you expecting body armors with that weaver prophecy? That’s the only explanation I can think of unless you’re hiding uniques in your filter.

For the prophecies, armor != body armor.

Besides that I’m not aware of prophecy malfunctions. You can stack many on the same target and get all the loot at once.

Also, if you have trust issues with your filter, you can hit X to see hidden stuff when a propehcy procs and you don’t see your rewards.

Right bow this seems to be a bug among all servers, even the test Servers have this problem, you get the message that the proohecy is fullfilled and sometimes I get the sound of items dropping but there are now items dropping actually even if lootfilter is disabled.

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No, not hiding any Uniques. I was expecting some kind of armor, just not the nothing I received. This is on offline mode, by the way.

Just fulfilled some prophecies, got the expected drops. No issues on my side. Not saying there isn’t an issue, just confirming it’s not global.

Well, it worked today, so maybe a one-off glitch.