Prophecies shouldn't have a campaign condition by default

Unless you add prophecies for each specifc affix as well, it still won’t be deterministic. And affix tier. And affix range.

Yeah, but it functions at least and has no blinds light the current system has. Functionality-wise it’s actually better then the current one. Not only does it not interfere via a minigame but also provides exactly what the game needs, which is a more deterministic outcome of loot to make it comparable to MG and allow SSF-style playing to be feasable long-term.

And also… since multipliers also work in a multiplicative manner it just means that your overall chance to get the respective item through RNG before you are able to farm up the needed amount of favor becomes more likely. The sheer scale can be chosen by the player personally.
Hence: Want to get a specific unique item type (which we already have available) then no issue! It’s even cheap! Want to have a specific exalted item of a specific type on a specific base with a specific amount dropped and a specific slice of affixes? Well… better play 2 years non-stop before you can afford it once, because that’s how multiplication work.

It not only provides a natural stop-gap for progression but also gives the player the choice to do it as they personally see fit.

Yes, and whatever else can be added to it. Tier-range, affix spread, roll-range of affixes… it has the option available.

And plainly spoken it’s a more functional system then we have right now and it took me 5 minutes to get it into my head.

And as said, it’s an example of one of many possible systems. More deterministic… less deterministic… up to the devs after all. But in the end there’s no difference between the ‘lucky drop’ and ‘time-gated deterministic farming’. If you spend 1000 hours to have a 50% chance to drop something or that same item gets into your possession with a guarantee after 2500 hours solely put into it for this one thing? Well… that could be your choice there, but mechanically devs need to put their drop-chances always into consideration.

I don’t think EHG has a debug tool for them available which creates a baseline for how long something needs to drop as their itemization system works (since it’s copied from other games in the base functionality which have proven it works) but further then that I don’t think they have actually any clue on how realistic upgrades are at any stage of their game. I know for example that GGG has them and balances their baseline drops, like many many more debug tools for balancing other devs can only drool over in desire. Which is why they’re the forefront in those aspects despite having failed for years in providing proper player agency in branching out with their content until this league where they finally reigned in the massive hassle of sextants fully through their new scarab system (which has shown a massive boost in retention rate overall).

It’s just something that EHG has to get going since they’re released now, and the more complex their game becomes the more likely they are to ‘misstep’ majorly in the new additions without creating strict baselines for the systems which the new ones base upon.


This, is you complaining that as soon as you ding in a level scaling game you’re weaker, I quoted it before (here where I mocked you lightly for it).

Then I also linked a search for “too easy” to show that we have people a lot of people rightly complaining that the campaign is too easy (it is), with a very few exceptions complaining that it’s too hard.

So if you think that me quoting your words (“The moment you ding, you are relatively weaker compared to the monster that also dinged and that’s a no-go.”, again, for clarity incase you forgot what you wrote yesterday) is a “strawman” you may wish to look up what that term means. You may also wish to re-read what you wrote (“The moment you ding, you are relatively weaker compared to the monster that also dinged and that’s a no-go.”) & consider what the words in the particular order you chose actually mean.

TLDR, yes, you said that a level scalling game will always make the game harder & that is unconscionable & an unbearable afront to your “dignity” as an aRPG “gamer”. I can only assume because you’re not used to games that aren’t a glorified “I win” button, but what do I know.

No, you said that level scaling was “Bad” to the point of being a “fundamental crime against ARPGs”.

So if you think I was using a strawman, you’re wrong & I’m not sorry to be so absolute about this.

Dude, where did you get the impression that I said anything relating to the difficulty of this game? You’re building everything on the notion that I’m afraid of a higher difficulty, which is hilarious :wink:

It’s already been pointed out that you could balance the game without scaling.

I never said you did. If you read what I wrote, you’ll see that I never mentioned you when I linked to a search for “too easy”, infact, I wasn’t even replying to you or talking about you or anything related to you.

Ok, if you’re not afraid of a higher difficulty why did you say this:

Followed by:

You seem very concerned about the increase in difficulty that would come by you levelling up, if you’re not afraid of higher difficulty wouldn’t you be welcoming of it? rather than calling it a “fundamental crime against ARPGs”? I’ve bolded the relevant bit if it’s too difficult for you to remember.

Your reasoning is strange.

Would you pay your boss 5$ a day for the pleasure of working for him?

Are you afraid of losing 5$?

Well @Llama8 I’ll go ahead and ‘in general’ agree with @Sol77 here. Level scaling is generally shit.

Why? Because in 95% of the games it’s shit. It deprives you of the feeling of progression. If you go back to a already passed stage and the enemies there whoop your ass still it feels like you’ve treaded on the spot.

In a diablo-clone ARPG? Yes, there it’s specifically awful.

And why ‘in general’? Because if done with sense then it’s fine. A prime example is actually ‘No Rest for the Wicked’ with their area scaling. Beat specific content and new enemies take up the new empty space from the faction you’ve basically kicked out. Great! Makes sense!

In comparison? Skyrim… Fallout 4… oh, this starter ghoul survives a friggin Nuke to the face suddenly? Well… that feels kinda shit.

The issue is that 95% of the times the second happens. If it happens out of time/monetary restraints fine… if it’s just to be lazy and make stuff quicker then the respective dev can fuck off and keep their product.
If the campaign is adjusted I personally expect the quality put into it already to stay the same, not to become Monoliths 2.0. 5 Minutes of good content has more value in my eyes then 10 hours of slob.