Proofreading/Editing is a matter of concern in the game's current state

Has Eleventh Hour Games considered hiring an editor or proofreader at any point? With full transparency, I myself am a proofreader, so my self-interest in asking this is evident, but even in just my first ten hours of playtime, I have already noticed many grammatical errors, some of which might potentially impact gameplay (via incorrect or potentially misleading skill or affix text, for example). Especially since the amount of text in the game will only balloon over time, hiring someone (or assigning a pre-existing employee the task; I am not familiar with the company’s structure) to essentially perform quality control on the text that has been and will be added might be worthwhile. I might also note that the in-game guide is in need of substantial embellishment and expansion, but that’s a job for a writer.


And to add to that, quite a bit of the text is written by non-native speakers, so it could be significantly worse. However, I would worry that it could get overly complicated if a professional editor/linguist got their hands on it. While it could be improved, it doesn’t need to be written in the Queen’s King’s English/legalese.

You talk like proofreaders and editors’ jobs aren’t practically literally “trying to make things more readable.” How exactly they try to do that varies by job, but we probably don’t have to worry about Last Epoch’s in-game guide turning into Shakespeare, no matter what happens. Probably.

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I’ve never been to the UK, but we have an office there. I may request a visit, just so I can find you… and smack you! (said in my most intimidating Liam Neeson voice)


I know several pubs around Victoria station. Let me know when & I’ll meet you there!