Proof of Concept Cold Melee Rogue

Build is currently just a proof of concept, and I’ll go back to farming gear for it on other characters, but I wanted to see how it functioned. Pretty basic build, all things considered, but I wanted to see if I could get enough cold damage stacked to make the Shattered Lance set work on Rogue. Currently the build performs perfectly fine and clears quite fast in c100 monos.

The entirety of the gear needs work. I need new gloves mainly as well as 2 Coral Rings for the flat health regen that I’m getting off those Swaddlings for now.

Build is also very tanky. Converting my dodge to glancing blows, having semi-high endurance and the bunches of regen make it really safe (even if my lightning res is a little scary right now).

Went with Falconer instead of Blade Dancer because I cared more about the tankier parts on the back half of Falconer than the damage parts in the back half of Blade Dancer. If I stack enough health regen, the damage I’d get from Blade Dancer wouldn’t be quite as impactful.

how is your damage, i am thinking of using this set on shadow dagger rogue.