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Pronunciation of Epoch

I know American pronunciation can be a bit, special, shall we say, but how for the love of all that’s good & holy do you get from ee-pok to epic???

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There’s an insisting NPC in the first town that keep repeating “Epoch” in many sentences, like “Epoch is the key to … something something” , and he made it very clear for me it;s ee-pok, can’t think of it any other way.

They also pronounce “Drumpf” as Trump.

And EA pronounce “gambling” as “surprise mechanics”.


I loved Jim Sterling’s “surprise mechanic” skit at the beginning of one of his videos, though I can’t for the life of me find it…

Edit: There we go, though his videos do tend to have a fair bit of swearing if anyone’s not aware & doesn’t like that kind of thing.

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This is how we pronounce it ourselves.

That said - anyone who wants to call our game ‘epic’ is welcome to do so. :wink:


Given the scheisse sturm going on currently within the gaming world and some tech company out in CA, I’m going to stick with ee-pock, and secretly whisper subliminally how much it’s that other word as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

But do you really want people thinking “Last Epic (game they ever made)”? On to of it being just plain wrong.

I don’t get how an O could sound like an I?

Nobody has ever called me Dibster before.

They totally are now though.


You even got first dibs on Dibster - lucky you!


For those having difficulty with pronunciation …

it’s Epoch as in Ewok, not Epic as in Thick.

But how do you pronounce Ewok? smahll-wo-keys.

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