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Projectile speed vs cast speed?

I know the difference between the two on paper:

cast speed: actual output
projectile speed: speed of fired object

Was playing around with necro and threw it on but it becomes deceptively hard to tell if it’s basically cast speed for marrow shards

I threw on some cast speed stuff and it’s basically identical but I was hoping someone could shed some light on why in the world this affix exists?

I thought I would see some difference between the two but I’m only left with questions.

Why does this affix even exist? Using just cast speed, it acts the same as projectile speed…why not name it cast speed for marrow shards? If it’s only projectile speed…why would I ever take this (no noticeable difference between cast speed)?

@Heavy I know this is your territory for sure

edit: it’s more like cast speed makes this affix not noticeable at all

No idea how it works on your Necro build but for the Sentinel Shield Throw projectile speed is a decent stat/skill node to invest in for certain builds

for example, a basic shield throw requires the shield to return before you can throw the next so the faster the projectile speed, the faster you can throw again… With richochets in ST, projectile speed also increases the speed of the richochets so its faster at doing damage to multiple mobs and returning home…

No idea how well projectile speed translates for other classes/skills because I havent really tried to see…

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The main thing for projectile speed for most skills in LE is, that it increases the range of the ability.

Some of the newer skills also have most of their affixes that give projectile speed to also say “range”.

In this particular case I never tested projectile speed, but cast speed does not give the projectile increased range for sure.

I am not ingame right now and need to test it myself.
But I did play quite a few marrow shard lich’s and I always used a lot of cast speed on them.

But cast speed does not make the projectile faster? Does it?

Cast speed is the delay between your command and the real launch of the projectile. It has no impact on projectile speed.

It looks like it does, in my opinion at least. I can’t tell the difference between added projectile speed vs cast speed when stacking cast speed (that is to say, yes, the projectile seems much faster with cast speed alone).

I did notice the difference when stacking projectile speed vs cast speed though

When both are stacked I can’t really tell if there’s a change except for the distance you mentioned

Never even noticed there was one for shield throw, I can see how it would help out since the projectile is kind of slow

edit: or it could just be the increased projectile frequency making it look like I mentioned