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Project Diablo 2 - Open beta MP release

A “remastered” diablo 2 goes live today probably, and season 1 starting this/next week. Updated skills, improved legendaries/runewords, lots of fancy stuff :smiley:

Someone wants to join me ? x)

Ah here the link for curious ones:

That’s if you can get it to work.

I just spent the last 24 hours trying & failing to troubleshoot the game. As of right now, the only thing I can do with PD2 is run the launcher & have it act as some shitty GIF screen saver.


Run as administrator? :slight_smile: Druid werewolf lvl 27 start nightmare :smiley:

Out of curiosity: What makes this “project” special compared to the “big two” (Path of Diablo & Diablo II Median XL) ?

I dont know PoD, but Median is too far off the original Diablo 2, and Project Diablo buffed or made viable all existing uniques and runewords without changing much of their core but add more core so to speak

The skills are changed so that every skill is usable and synergies make more sense now or add new possibilities.

Examples: lvl 12 hydra fires small fire ball, high lvl hydra fires splash fire ball; skelletons have melee splash and pierce, golems scale differently and allow for more than 1 (golem builds), many skills of java and bow made better (more pierce / extra effects / more ice or fire arrows with more skills invested). Druid can have different wolves and bear at the same time, werewolf form increases wolves, bear form increases bear.

All classes are rather equal in terms of starting fresh (sorc not best MF anymore due to teleport nerf).

Endgame maps and high area dungeons. But without being so far off like Median. Also items are not so far off like Median from the original.

And multiplayer makes it super fun I actually like this the best (since there are players too and everything is actually fresh).

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