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Progression is halted and arena is stuck at loading screen

I was playing as void knight and defeated the first boss of the first act. At the wormhole scene, it played the animation for about 10 mins but wouldn’t load so I restarted the game. When I restarted, I entered the end of time and completed the elder’s quest and used the portal to get to act two. However, when i tried to accept the first act 2 quest it wouldn’t register after going through the entire dialogue. Also entering the arena does not load for me for this character. Everything was fine with my previous characters.

Edit: quest progression issue was fixed by walking to the position where you would be teleport-ed at the start of act 2 before talking to the leader but arena is still broken on this character

Sorry to hear about this! Unfortunately we haven’t observed these problems internally.

If either issue (the Arena not loading, or getting stuck in time travel) happen again, can you please attach your output_log? It contains error information and is located at AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch. It is reset each time the game opens, so make sure the log contains the issue.

Thanks for the report!

Hi I couldnt upload the attachment as I am a new user so heres the pastebin link instead
arena crash log

Ah, the Arena issue was addressed in one of our hotfix updates. You should always run the game via the Launcher so that you have the most recent version!

Let us know if the time travel issue persists, I’m not certain of the cause there.

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