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Progress Wipe from Alpha to Beta?

just wanted to ask if the progress you make in the alpha gets wiped when the beta arrives.

Thanks in advance (couldn’t find this question in the faq)

Yes. There will be a wipe with beta.

Ok, good to know. Then it’s maybe better to wait for beta and not start with alpha ^^

What happens with stash, Mats and Gold?
I ve seen wipes where u keep this… so how is it here?

I guess this will be a full wipe, but might be wrong

A wipe would be okay.

For me it’s like… christmas - new year - and a fresh League POE start in one day ! (:blush:

Yes, sure.
I found in an older thread that it will be a complete wipe.

I ve Seen u are from Germany. Do you also MP when it comes? I m searching primiry PvE…

MP = MUltiplayer ? ^^ what do you excactly mean ? Sorry i’m just too dump atm :smiley:

Yes, Multiplayer.
I like the Game so far and searching Active Players for MP when its implemented, as i read it comes with Beta but not in the first Version.

A bit ot, sry…

Yeah sure, ofc !
I hope they are able to implement Multiplayer as fast as possible ^^

So i’m streaming today… just talking about the game, “builds”, suggestions and so on.
Link is in my signature.

(You’ll see the link if you click on Riq’s name to pull up their usercard.)

I was too late yesterday, played myself^^

thx, nice to know! So i linked my utube channel :slight_smile:

Direct question on the wipe question’s … Progress Wipe from Early Access in Steam ? I have not seen this before. Because Early Access in Steam is implied as Open Beta. But here I am going to ask you answer.

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yes people are talking about beta and alpha. what id like to know is. that if i get the early access on steam and play now it do i get a wipe when full game comes.

Yes. There will be another wipe.

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