Progress Lost

I logged out of LE and when I came back my character had rolled back from level 85 to 79. I’ve lost my day’s grind completing the non-enchanted monoliths of fate and all gear etc. acquired during.
edit: EU Server

Just lost 3h of progress as well. EU server.

Same here, character lost 3 levels and I lost some items stored in the stash

also lost progress a few hours i tried to join a friend in monolith wouldn’t let me teleport to them so i relogged came back lost hours of progress rolled back from 56 to 45 and lost a bunch of gear and story progress etc.

Same here, lost around 10 levels on my character.

Same here. The stash I was working on is missing new items too - guessing it’s some full sort of rollback. Would be nice to get it back, was kind of using the day to progress my character.

Bug detail wise - I played around 3-4 hours. Found I couldn’t chat at some point. Closed the game with the close to desktop button (after leaving game afair) - it froze like it always does so I X’d it off. Also relogged (without closing game) once as after a mono I noticed my helmet was missing. When I logged back in it reappeared/spawned on the floor. Have had the missing items bug a few times too.

Hi all - from Discord. Please do this so the issues can be found and addressed


If you are experiencing any Log-in, Lag, Disconnect or Rollback issues please Report this to EHG Support Team here :

Pick ‘Technical Issues’ from the drop down and provide your:

  • Display Name
  • Character Name
  • Date & Time you noticed the loss (with your time zone or UTC)
  • What type of data was lost
  • How much gameplay time was lost

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