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Progress loss?

I was level 8 or more yesterday and suddenly the next day I was level 4 again. Did I make any mistakes? I have progress lost out of nowhere. Why? Is there any other mechanism or it is a bug from your developers’ end? Help is appreciated.

I think, perhaps I found the solution for me. Please devs, confirm if there are any differences.

If I leave the game first, and then exit Last Epoch, all progress and leveling up is saved. If I exit or restart, close whatever immediately it forgets what happened during the non-saved session.

When you say “exit” do you mean using the Exit Game button on the Esc menu, or are you closing the game externally? (like on the taskbar)

Either way, this shouldn’t be happening. Could you help us collect some more information? Before you close the game in a way you think will lose progress, copy out your log file, then restart and copy the log out again. This way we can hopefully see if it’s a saving or loading issue.


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I mean leaving the game and return to the game’s main menu. That’s the safe bet for me it works like charm. But, when I close the game and choose to exit to the windows, it loses my progress no need for taskbar. I will save log files and send them, give me a moment. Thanks.

This exact issue and the way I have to exit the game also applies to me although I’m on Linux. I will also try and get some logs. I don’t think the issue is with loading or saving, it just seems the game will not do a full save until the game is completely exited out of properly. It’s like it makes a temporary save file that is only applied when you exit a specific way.

If you could save logs after trying both ways that would be quite helpful. Thanks!

What is the expected outcome? Is the game supposed to constantly save? If my game does crash is it supposed to load me back in where I left off?

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