Progres not possible - Ruined Era The Precipe (game Crashes)

What went wrong?:

  • Either in Offline, or Online, either on a new Char or lvl 90 Char, when you want to go over the Bridge or aproach the time rift the game crashes.
    At this time of writing this i couldnt even go outside of the town and enter the Precipe Area.
    Attached the Logs:
    Player-prev.log (269.5 KB)
    Player.log (269.6 KB)

Cant help you with Screenshots couse the game crashes, but i did some ingame bug reports a few days ago with keyword “Precipe” you should find them, hopefully.

I also checked integretiy of game files and tried different charaters either in online or offline mode. Nothing worked.

I hope you can help with this bug. I cant prepare for cycle 2 with this bug.

Cheers and thanks for your awesome work.

Update: Even in the new Update this bug/Crash happens… so i cant play this Update!

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