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Procedurally Generated Maps

I know there’s alot of technical and programming behind it.

i have 500 hours of play time in Grim Dawn which is alot and i’m tired of the play-through the story campaign. If you done it, you know that you need to go 3 times through it for each difficulty with each character on the same maps. I have friends who quit on their 3rd time not even reach end level.

It’s boresome after a while, if it wasn’t for the loot and progression i would have left it much sooner, but now with an expansion released the only thing i’m not willing to go any longer is that i have to do it again. Thus i didn’t buy it.

Is it a thing you guys are considering Procedurally Generated Maps?

Are you going to have them through out the story or only dungeons or none at all?

What about difficulties? is going to be need to need to play more then 1 time before you character reaches max level? Diablo was like that in the beginning.


Our story will not utilize procedural generation. You will play through it a single time per character. Our Monolith of Fate endgame system makes substantial use of procedural generation.

Good idea with hand-crafted maps for the story. Random maps for endgame is cool though:)

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