Problem with Wraith

There is a problem with summoning wraiths. When summoned at a certain distance from the character, they necessarily approach the character at the beginning, and do not begin to attack the target, even if the wraith is near this target. Is it so poorly designed by the AI of the minions or is it done on purpose?

There is also a problem with wraiths, if a node is studied, due to which the wraiths do not move, but do more damage. They do no damage at all even when they are close to the target.

If the whole problem is that you have to press the attack button for minions every time, but this is terribly inconvenient. So it becomes not interesting to play as a summoner if the minions themselves cannot find a target for an attack at least within the screen


To add to this:
The wraiths that are cast ahead of you will, occasionally, attack enemies but mostly do not attack enemies, even when you get close enough to ‘aggro’ the enemies. There is apparently a small radius around the player which will allow the wraiths to attack enemies 100% of the time, but this is only the radius that you can cast wraiths before taking the locus of resurrection node.
I also tested this with putrid, flame and melee wraiths, on two different characters, and it seems to not matter what % of each wraith you have. (ie. melee wraiths cast out of the circle will also not attack even when right on top of an enemy)
It seems there are many linked problems.

  1. Monsters will often run in a straight line, ignoring everything until they reach a certain point.
  2. beastmaster Totems will not attack enemies if cast outside a certain radius from the player
  3. acolyte melee summoned minions (wraiths, bloodwraiths from sacrifice, skeletons, golems) will run back into the circle before doing anything useful
  4. acolyte ranged minions with the node ‘locus of resurrection’ but without the node ‘locus of death’ will do the same
  5. acolyte ranged minions with the node locus of death which are cast outside the circle will do nothing at all most of the time
  6. Minions will always stop attacking and run until they are within the circle. The range of the circle is smaller than many AOE areas of death in the game, which means many fights are just the player constantly dodging enemy AOE damage, and minions never attacking anything, just constantly running to be by the players side…

Seems like you can fix a lot of bugs at once by changing the circle radius of following/aggro in the short term…

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