Problem with linking accounts

Hi, I bought the game on Steam and created profile on Last Epoch website (I used the same email I use for my steam account) but I can’t link them in any way. How can I do that?

I may be stupid but I don’t know what to do. Account which I am currently using to write this post is registered using the same email but I cannot access my in-game LE account. I can login through steam and play the game but cant use the same account on this forum. Am I missing something? Any way to link them?

I may have a similar problem:

I downloaded the game via Steam, Open the game and before i could finish to create my account my pc crashed.

After I opened the game again it didn’t had anyway to create an account, so i opened the website and created the account here.

Now when I try to login, it says: No License Found.

I wrote an email to support but they didn’t reply. I can play the game, but it’s just dumb that I can’t use the same account on this forum…

Update: Support contacted me and solved the issue :smiley:

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