Problem with +1 and -1 to skills


I’m with a Void Knight who uses Thorn Slinger, an item which gives +1 to all physical skills. This VK specialized in Lunge, wich got the +2 because Lunge is a physical skill.
Level after level I added points to Lunge, till I reached Voidbringer. This node converts the skill to Void.
So I lost my +1 given by Thorn Slinger. Which made my lose the Void tag, become a physical tag… and get the +1. And the game entered a loop, where it added and removed one point, waiting for my confirmation each time.
I had to quit and reopen. The skill was now physical. I played till I had two more points for Lunge, I used one to convert to Void and the game took the second one. Problem fixed.
I don’t know how it was supposed to happen, but this was quite interesting.

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