Problem of itemization

Spelling checked :slight_smile:

i can see you have a lot of love to write such a long and lengthy explanation. you put in effort to format your text to make it easier to read but it would benefit all of us if you checked your spelling first. its a pain to read.

  1. Item rarities
  • It’s fine the way it currently is.
  • Affixes, again it is fine the way it is. 2 prefix, 2 affix. you have listed a lot of additional restrictions and added more crafting options making items have 6 to 9 mods instead of our usual 4 mods. have you ever crafted an item with 4 mods all at tier 5? it is not too easy. having
    4 mods tier 5, adding a 5th mod would likely fracture your item.
  • set items, we already have set items in the game, admittedly they are weak. the reason why modern devs avoid set items is because it forces players to play a certain way. they want to avoid players from being forced to use set items. if you look at diablo 3, almost ALL the top builds ALL use set items.
  • unique items, in LE, unique and set items are meant to be good items that help newbies out until they are able to craft their own awesome gear. LE needs better uniques but it’s fine the way it currently is. I DO however like your unique mod idea. perhaps we can start having items that have a random unique mod (this mod is non craftable). whether or not it eats up a prefix/suffix slot depends on the devs. but i do not like you “only able to equip one unique” idea. that is too restricting.
  • Legendary, theres no legendary items in this game but i m fine with it. purple items with T6-T7 are quite good as is.
  1. Affix slots
  • it would be interesting but its a headache to implement and it’s an unnecessary restriction. on top of that it adds another layer of new players having to learn extra things. a hard no from me. it’s good enough the way it is
  1. item types
  • There already are item types in this game, helmets have helmet only crafts, amulets can have penetration, boots have movespeed. so there’s nothing much to add on here. there’s already enough unique mods that i disagree to make further classification/restrictions
  1. item quality & filters
  • i do agree on this, assigning values for items can make us easily filter items that have value.
    this can help us farm more efficiently. it can be a good QoL add on
  1. affix shard rarity
  • this one should be an extension to item rarity/filters. it would be really helpful to let us filter item bases based on the tier of their affixes. i would agree to this too
  • crafting T6/T7 - disagree to this. being drop only encourages players to keep playing at end game rather than gambling/shopping

Summary: you have many interesting ideas but most of them overcomplicate the crafting process. i don’t think the devs would implement the suggestions but it’s up to them.

anyway its always good to see passionate people like you making posts like these

All i ever wanted is to make a point about problems about itemization.
But if this community is more concerned about correct spelling then this place isnt for me.

My wish was to open a real conversation about itemization generally.

But if my spelling so ficking painfull to read how im ever be able to have any conversation about anything ? When i made this post i thought this will drive some of us to really talk about the problems of generally. in this case i used PE as an example about the problems it might face in the future.

It seems this community isnt my place to be sadly. If you speak for behalf of everyone by saying “it would be better for all of us” then this place is just a place for people like you.

This place isnt for people who loves ARPG… This place is for those who can do spelling correctly. I need to find a another place where i can speak problems about ARPG.

Not all us live in countries that speak english … so give some ficking credit for fick sake.

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