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Problem in the passives tree

Hello .
I have a problem with unlocking the skill tree.
I play Sentinel, I have 83 plv, unlocked level 25 on the tree, but I cannot unlock Paladin above level 25, apparently I have to complete some mission to unlock the mastery? what should I do . Thanks for the hint

There is a mission that you do as part of the normal campaign… Pretty difficult to miss or leave out… It allows you to choose a once off mastery (no changes after)…

Its done from the End of Time Map.

When you did the mastery quest at the end of time (you killed a boss in the purple time, went through a time rift to the end of time, spoke to some people, went through another rift, ran through a linear zone filled with shadows the clicked on some things at an altar), which option did you choose? I’m assuming it wasn’t the Paladin (in which case you can’t get above the 25 point line).

You can only pick one mastery out of the 3, Void knight, Forge guard or Paladin. Its only the mastered class that can go above the 25 point line.
You chosen a mastery that is not Paladin. As such your only option is to make a new character and chose the Paladin mastery when you do the mastery quest.