Primalist = Shapechange Issues & Bugs

Hi, some years ago it was asked if we could move the skills whilst in a From (werebear etc) so we could personalize them. this hasnt been implemented yet as far as I can see.

the skill positions for each from change from location to location so you just get used to where they are and they move so you have to memorize a whole new rotation.

if you change zone whilst in shapechange form, all your skills are locked, you are locked, also once your Form ends, you become Human with no skills on your skill bar…

<3 the changes by the way awesome updates, TYVM



I could have sworn the Druid rework in 0.8.4 allowed us to reorder skills while transformed. It even says so in the patch notes.

However, it appears this change has been reverted. Or, is this a side-effect of the bug that is happening with transformation since 0.9, wiping the skill bar and/or breaking transform to human?

I was hoping this bug would have been patched today, it killed my momentum for leveling my druid. When 0.9 dropped I wasnt able to reorder shapeshift skills, so yeh it seems like its either reverted or part of the bug

I confirm that! when my transformation ends i come back human with no skill in my bar! And when i transform into werebear skills are always randomised in my skill bar…so boring i can’t play druid like this.

I have that bug too… when my transfom end, my skill bar becomes empty.

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Sorry for your frustration. We are working on a fix for this problem. Thanks for the report.

hey, no worries, these things happen :smiley:

For now I’ve gone back to an old fav of mine, Void Knight Erasing Strike :slight_smile:

Look forward to more updates and content! :smiley:

Same/Similar issue here. Regularly on changing zones I have my skill bar re-ordered or cleared. This is extremely frustrating.
As I write this my druid has just shifted back to human form despite the no rage loss while out of combat passive unlocked, and my spriggan unsummoned at the same time.
The bugs are many and large, but I see the progress being made. Good game, I for one appreciate the effort.

Has anyone found a fix for this problem yet? It’s happening to me every time I change zones, completely stopped me in my tracks with my Druid