Primalist Serpent Strike Bug

Decided to test out Serpent Strike and found out that it is severely bugged. The animation is just the character T-posing with the weapon off to the side while the green attack animation goes out. Furthermore, and the more pressing matter is that it does 0 dmg, the game doesnt even register it hitting the target,

Below is a link to the video showing the bugged animation and 0 dmg.

I tried it with a one handed weapon to see if me using a two handed weapon was the reason but no bug is still there.

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Just discovered this zero damage bug myself. Quite annoying, guess I’ll have to change my build plans…

[EDIT] in fact Serpent Strike doesn’t even register a hit at all [/EDIT]

Serpent Strike requires Spear to work. In video they use axe so probably that’s why the skill doesn’t work.


Right, thanks. I missed that. D’oh!

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