Primalist pure phys build theory ''wanna hear opinions''

Hi guys i made this build theory i wanna ask what you guys think about it :slight_smile: would it be endgame good maybe? its a pure phys crit i put maelstorm on phys for close fights combined with warcry pull so that all enemy get hit by maelstorm and get in range of your swipes easy , put ice thorns too for additional phys damage when you get hit i guess this could work wanna hear opinions :smile: Primalist phys

Hey welcome!

So, I am wondering what is going to be your main dps source? Speaking from experience, you really don’t want to rely on swipe as your main source of damage as it just doesn’t hit hard enough and it will extend fights allowing you to make a mistake. Since you’re a druid, why not go werebear or bugblade? Werebear seems like it would lend more to your style as it utilizes: Swipe, Fury Leap, Warcry AND can proc maelstrom via swipe or maul.

Secondly, you need life leech. You can grab a good amount in beastmaster and in primalist. You have no healing back on a constant basis.

I would build it something like this…just thrown together.

Now, honestly, if you aren’t relying on EQ in werebear, it can be tedious as you rely on maul or maybe upheaval.

Interesting. I have several questions…

Why Vines with Fury Leap? More damage would probably help more.

Warcry has mal cooldown, you would probably want to reduce it (-50%).

What is the purpose of you Ice Thorns? It is often used as a buff, with the lower left part of the tree, and proc’ed on hit as you did.

As @insidius_13 wrote, Swipe is very weak as a main damage dealer. You may want to use something else, maybe Upheaval, but even with this one I’m not sure.

well as i said its all theory still idk how much swipe would scale i still test all this changing and thinking what can be better , i guess il go for less life on tree and more intro shark aspect and leech and change to beastmaster to maaaybe go for frenzy totem or include tornado and maelstorm put to chill enemy …idk what would be better swipe or upheaval boths seem to have close scaling so idk …and tempest sux too much as skill xD i didnt want to go any poison or bleed to incluse serpent i just wanted to see if a pure phys could be nice at primalist as a berserker

well ice thorns i was thinking to have just for additional damage to melee attackers for clearing as i have alot phys damage increase it would be useful i guess and i would proc stuff on hit too ‘‘i guess’’ not sure about swipe vs upheaval still thinking will test both i guess … this was just build from first hand in 2 mins and il change it as i get opinions and ideas :smiley:

Keep in mind you can proc upheaval from Maul in Werebear.

You can proc maelstrom, entangling roots, fury leap, warcry, and upheaval if you spec right into the bear tree.

You need a hard hitting skill for bosses otherwise you will be sitting on someone like Lagon forEVER which is just not good. I know that from experience -_-

The Shattered Lance set was something I was trying out and stacking health regen. I Just didn’t have enough gear to clear quick enough and target dummy mauls were only at 50k.

Months ago there was a build called “Regifter Paladin” based on these swords. It had so much health regen that it could facetank everything in the game. Emperor’s explosion, Lagon’s beam, etc.

I want to make sure: I was no critisizing, just making comments or asking questions in order to understand and help. Because I like the idea of the build.

You may already have seen, but this is interesting:

It’s exactly what you requested. :wink:

yeah i asked him to check it out :)) hehe

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