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Primalist passive giving wrong stat

So it seems like Survival, under the Beast Master tree gives vitality instead of Stun Avoidance.

Like some of the other fixes from other skills that gave a bunch of stats even when I respec out of the skill, I am getting all sorts of stats now. My defense numbers keep going up now on all nodes that I take. I have 99 vitality now and at least 1k in all protects. Oh… and damage stats as well.

Now the bug started happening when I put points into Natural Attunement, from Primalist. It seems like this bug happens a lot, on several different trees on several passive nodes. So maybe it is something else than the specific passive nodes causing the bug?

Hmm. It’s not happening for me on a new character so I’m not sure what’s breaking it. The next time you notice a passive misbehaving like that can you post your log file?

Strange. Yea I will surely do that.

Yea it keeps happening. And I can’t post log files here because they are too big. I can send it over discord though.

Using or a file sharing service would be ideal. Thanks!

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Oh yea, I forgot all about pastebin!

Lol that lagged really bad… so here’s a google drive link

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