Primalist Maelstorm feedback

The synergy in the skill Malestorm - Turbulence - Gathering Storm is horrible, or hopefully isnt working as it should.
Gathering Storm: chance on kill to cast Maelstorm, but to my surprise when Gathering storm procs and spawn a Maelstorm 42 mana is also drained. First the player is forced to increase the mana cost in “turbulence” and then have it drained at full cost on kill.
For the skill to be usefull as a damage boost for a melee figther 6 stacks active is required.
In Bearform all mana is gone instantly at two or three stacks.
The synergy could be cool, but right now its worthless.

I really don’t play druid at all, but since the main thing for druid with transformation is mana management, i would say this is just meant to be impossible/very difficult to achieve.

Having reliebly uptime on 6 stacks should be a huge investment. And having nodes that give you a chance on kill is already quiet powerfull, smaller nodes that lead up to a certain nodes and investment requirement are a easy way of balancing things like this.

If the chance on kill would be not gated behind such node, it might be a nobrainer to take on all builds that use maelstrom, which is not desired.

If mana is really an issue you need to invest into the mana efficiency node “Calm” and maybe even take an amulet with another 14% (T5) Mana Efficiency.

It might work end game… Needing 19 points on a skill to find out if i can be usefull seems harsh, including 300% mana cost efficiency in the Werebear tree aswell for Maelstorm. But than the again Primalist and Druid on papir has fun synergies which completely falls apart as you progress i cant even list them all… on top of my head
Berserker gives 100% increased damage and 30% damage mitigation when falling below 35% health, but in order to get mana cots down as a Druid for Maelstorm (too maybe work) and swipe requires Ursine wisdom which turns you human if dropping below 30% hp… i dunno… The Derpalist seems riddle with this stuff, at first glans i get all gitty with how to progress only to see how how everything limits it self in the end.

I really can’t comment on the druid stuff, since i don’t have much experience.

All i can say is: Maelstrom is a very “Shaman-esq” skill in my mind and Shaman has even a passive for Maelstrom.

And make it work for other classes with heavy mana costs, (or in druids transformation case, no mana regen) should be heavy investment.

I can’t say if you can make it work for endgame., but then again, you don’t need 6 stacks, you can try to get the haste and frenzy somewhere else too.

“Only” having a few maelstrom stacks can be worthwhile already too.

Maelstrom definitely feels like a shaman only skill to me. To mana intensive for the other masteries, and too slow to get to 6 stacks which is a must imo.

Additionally, it feels clunky getting to 6+ stacks regardless of mastery. I propose either a baseline change to make it castable while moving, or a node to make it so.

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