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Primalist - Druid passives - Shapeshifter buff - turtle form

The passive node Turtle Form at the Druid passive tree doesn’t add the duration (up to 6 seconds) to the Shapeshifter buff. No matter how many points are put into it, the buff stays at the base 6 seconds.

I can’t reproduce this issue-- with 6 points in Turtle Form the Shapeshifter buff lasts 12 seconds. Double check how long the buff is lasting, and if it isn’t lasting the correct amount of time please link to a screenshot of your passives. Thanks!

I changed too much since I posted the issue… now it works :confused:

So far I remember: I used the Spriggan Form and put my points only into the Totem and Vale Spirit branches (including Eterra’s Aid). After transformation the Vale Spirits lasted 10 sec and were always longer there than the buff. Therefore, I tested it and saw the buff was 6 sec and not 12 sec. Now I re-leveled the skill (not using the spirits anymore, but Vines) and the buff is indeed 12 sec.

It takes too long to re-level the skills… cannot test, if it was an issue with the Vale Spirits as a combo or was just fixed because I “restarted” the skill. :sweat_smile:

I guess the topic can be closed, sorry. :zipper_mouth_face:

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