(Primalist, Druid, 0.9) Warrior's Entrance does not work with Maul


After speccing the Skull Crusher node (your fury leap tree applies to maul) in the Werebear Form Specializationtree, the node Warrior’s Entrance in the Fury Leap Specializationtree does not work after using Maul.

When leaping outside of Werebear form and then entering Werebear Form, the tooltip of all abilities tell me their damage is higher than when I simply Maul in Werebear Form, implying that either the interaction or the tooltip malfunctions.

The other passives i’ve specced into in the tree Fury Leap Specializationtree do work with Maul, like summoning vines, and being immune while leaping.

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Frenzied Onslaught (Frenzy node after Warrior’s Entrance) Doesn’t work either.
(works with normal leap)

Was about to report the same - noticed because I wasn’t getting the frenzy buff from Maul.