Primalist Companion Limits

Please change the companion limit description to what it actually is. You can have 1 companion of each type (except the raven or wolf by using certain equipment). Not “you can have 2 companions by default”. This is very misleading thinking you can have multiple bears, raptors, scorpions, sabertooths etc. It should be that way seeing as the Primalist is one of the weakest classes there is atm in comparison to the others. It would certainly open up more possibilities for the beastmaster at least.

Yes i agree that primaist with pets tends to be under performing. Have a set of 3? Right to use multiple companions that are mediocre at best and worse then i think all others pets.

Being locked to a set bonus is just brutal. I wanted to prove a point by running 1 slot storm meteor sorc with set item, to try to make it viable [with cof and MG just gave up]. Will theory craft it using wemod in next few weeks offline to see if its mathimatically viable to hit 600 corruption with a class that requires a 3 ITEM SET BONUS. Even with 4LP spawned items