Primalist companion limit

Why do we have it? Acolyte have no minion limit in general but it have minion limit inside every summoning skill. Why we can’t have the same thing with primalist? If it’s because of balance I think we can see how well “balanced” primalist is. Best beastmaster build doesn’t even use any minion, and it’s exactly because of this companion limit. It’s impossible to create viable minion build with this limitations. I want to fight with personal army of savage beasts, and no, I don’t want to use squirrels, it’s not fun and ridiculous.

To make them different, mostly. But also because generally speaking, Primalist’s companions, one for one, are stronger than a skeleton. A companion bear is much tankier and deals more damage than a Skeleton Warrior, by an order of magnitude. Companions also have their own ability each that buffs themselves, you or both, giving them another purpose.

Beastmaster certainly has some good builds that don’t use the beasts as a main focus, or at all, but every mastery can have various off-brand builds that work very well.

So far as I am aware, Bear/Wolf Bleed Builds can be very powerful, though I’d agree that generally companions may need a bit of a buff.

The same concept were in D2 and D4 with it’s druid companion builds. And those builds are garbage too. D2 minion necro is one of the best builds and in d4 minion necro at least much better than companion druid. BTW those companion abilities are garbage anyway and there is no builds that depends on them.
Right now primalist is just non viable way to play minion archetype. It’s not mid, it’s not non-meta, it’s not underperforming, it’s UNPLAYABLE, while necro non-meta builds at least PLAYABLE.

Your just straight up wrong. Solo scorpion is fantastic.

Sounds like you are trying to bruteforce zoo style minion build. And rightfully getting thrashed because of it.

Wolves are really strong too. Solo raptor can be decent too.

Bear got nerfed, rip him.

Crowstorm crows is even viable!

I’ve been staring at a LL Stormcrow build using Cleaver Solution. This is a BM Minion build that can definitely push high corruption.

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